Wyboston Lakes

Back in February I was lucky enough to go away on a weekend Spa break! I was whisked away to Wyboston Lakes in Bedford and happily soaked in every inch of luxury that this beautiful spa had to offer. I received this as a gift for my birthday which made the whole experience even more special as it was nearing mine and my boyfriends 5 year anniversary, meaning that there were some surprises that weekend!

Upon arrival I was immediately impressed by the size of the grounds, encompassing leisure facilities, golf grounds, conference suites, hotel, spa and the lake.  After checking in we went first to lunch and we were welcomed with a decorated table wishing us a happy anniversary- a truly thoughtful idea, scoring big brownie points for my boyfriend for the surprise! We were then offered either a starter+main or a main+desert. The selection included fresh salads as well as soup, chicken and rice dishes and a Sunday roast if I remember correctly!   Next of course to celebrate we kicked things off with Italian’s finest wine- Prosecco.

The spa hotel had two sections, and I was treated to a deluxe room in the Atlantis portion of the hotel. This included a superior king size bed, a mahoosive flat inch tv and even a tablet to contact reception (snazzy)- who needs to ring for room service anymore?! The room also came with complimentary snacks and drinks from the mini bar- a freebie that went down all too very well!

Here is a candid photo of me being easily pleased by towel swans (it’s the little things…)

The spa itself included 3 different sauna rooms- a salt room sauna, a more mild sauna overlooking the hydrotherapy pool and finally an outside SIZZLING sauna room. If you love sweating away the weekends sins in the sauna, this is the place for you! There was also a rather ‘nippy’  moment *excuse the pun* running from the hydrotherapy room to the sauna on an English Winter’s Februrary evening! However there was also a super cozy outside seating area with comfy sofas, blankets, heaters and even accompanied by a roaring fire, a very romantic feature! The Café is also a stones throw away so if you want to snuggle up with some hot chocolate or continue the celebrations sipping champagne in the pool all day to night you can. The spa also consisted of a chill out room full of multiple water beds, perfect for people wanting to completely zonk out.  Upstairs there were a few treatment rooms, offering the standard facial, full body massages, and manicure and pedicures. I myself did not have a treatment but I still was entertained as well as utterly relaxed, from just using the saunas and hydrotherapy pool.

When dinner time came around there was no holding back, and the restaurant did not disappoint. Using this belated extra birthday weekend/ early anniversary celebration to our advantage we settled for a  3 course meal. For starters we had paté, followed by two medium rare sirloin steaks with red wine gus and a bottle of red.  Finally for desert, we finished the evening with something sweet, just how the weekend started, with a scrumptious cheesecake and banoffee mess.

P.S. Ignore the MR and MRS haha- we aren’t married just a normal anniversary!

Overall what really struck me about this hotel, was that it was completely not pompous- I could really relax and feel at home (mission accomplished for a spa break!) The spa has the right balance of not being too ostentatious, but still having that luxurious and pampered feel at it’s heart. With Cambridge on its door step it is also the perfect excuse to make the most of your weekend away! Wyboston Lakes- I will be seeing you soon.


Tip: keep an eye out on Groupon to grab a good deal!

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