What I did this Summer…

In the UK much of daily conversation revolves around the weather, it really is a skill that no other country can match. From small talk, to envious social media posts to full blown rants, us Brits must express  at least once a day to someone, either A) “I can’t believe that it is raining again!“, B) “Oo look it’s the Sun! I have forgotten what it looks like. Oh no- it’s raining again” or C)- the most typical of them all, used instantly when we get an ounce of a heatwave is the complaining that “It is too hot, if only I had a pool, it would be fine but this is just too hot! Look at me, I’m melting!”

Nonetheless as soon as September rolls around, and the leaves begin to fall off the trees, we are nostalgic for those long Summer nights to return and already begin planning our trips for next year…

I personally love the heat and would choose it every time over the cold, but one thing that I do have in common with the British population is the nostalgia over my last holiday. It is these rose tinted glasses (or cocktail goggles I should say) that has led me to writing this post and lusting over my now faded tan!

This summer I visited Cyprus for the fourth time! I love this little island, the heat is perfect, the Mediterranean sea is so blue and you can even meet a turtle or two *excuse the rhyme*.   With only a 4.5 hour flight you can be at your destination, choosing to visit the Greek or the  Turkish side of the island. I first visited Cyprus when I was 18, to the beautiful resort of Ayia Napa for a classy responsible holiday with the majority of my year group, celebrating finishing secondary school. Since then I have veered 20 minutes away towards Protaras and Pernera which is only an hour away from Larnaca airport. I am lucky enough that my boyfriend’s family have a holiday flat here, making it the perfect getaway to escape to with everything conveniently near that even a quad bike will do!

Holidaying here also means that it has the added benefit of feeling like a home away from home but with the promise of daily sunshine (plus this area has some of the best beaches!)

This year we hired a car and explored even more beaches and was once again we were not disappointed by the Cypriot natural beauty, our thoughts far away from the busy hustle and bustle of London. Instead we were completely absorbed by the calming sea’s waves and the Mediterranean sunset.

Nissi Beach is great and is located in the Ayia Napa area but beware it is full of tourists. Serena Bay Beach is a smaller, cute beach complete with a beach bar. Visiting Cape Greco is a must and most of the boat trips take you through this national park, where you can see many people cliff jumping into these clear waters.

Cape Greco

There are also tons of other small beaches, that if you just go exploring driving down local roads, chances are you will find one and maybe even a wedding! This is something which I have often seen in Cyprus. I would also recommend to visit  the Church of Profitis Elias which sits on top of a hill, providing a great view of this enchanting town.

After climbing up a couple  hundred steps, you feel as if you could be in Mamma Mia…of course I totally did not re-enact that scene…

If you are looking for some great places to eat and drink, I would suggest: Blue Spice, Steens, Faliros and Mojitos- who coincidentally make a refreshingly fantastic Mojito.

I hope you all enjoyed your Summer, whether you spent it visiting festivals, traveling around South America, family holidays or even working! Let’s raise a glass of sangria to those sweet memories and in true British fashion- gosh Summer really did go too quick, I’m not ready for the Christmas adverts just yet!

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