Monday Musings

October has flown past and unfortunately I have been pretty quiet on the blogging side of things this month. Although I am quite new to blogging, these last few weeks has shown me just how easy it is to be lazy and to not put the effort in, even for the the things you really enjoy. In this short period since I started up this little blog I have really got a kick out of it. Writing even just one post gives me the creative outlet that I have missed, an opportunity to get lost in my words and to talk about whatever is on my mind or has inspired me… at least that is my aim with this blog. I wanted to open up a dialogue and discuss various topics, whether it is fashion, university or travel etc. I didn’t want to pigeonhole myself into one topic of blogging, but branch out and create something along the lines of a lifestyle blog. I wanted to also open up and include personal experiences, potentially about the things that we don’t discuss as much as we should, after all I have called my blog “Natalia talks about”. With this in mind, even if I can engage just one person, whether that is a stranger or even my best friend, maybe I can provide a bit of food for thought or bring a small to your face for a short while in your busy day.

As I previously mentioned this last month I have not made the effort to regularly blog. I have so many topics I wish to write about but I did not feel inspired to write. It is so easy to get caught up in your 9-5 work lifestyle and with the days getting darker sooner they begin to feel shorter. It is easy to become lazy and binge on your latest series guilty pleasure, forgetting about all those exciting hobbies or fun activities, or spontaneous social outings you made time for in the Summer. However, this last month I have also been reminded how fragile life is and have retreated to these behaviors. People close to me have lost loved ones or have had friends battling illnesses and I myself have had an emotional last week with my grandmother being in hospital, (but now thankfully she has returned home.) All of these experiences have jolted me back into reality, reminding me that there is so much more to life than just going and coming back from work. It is important to take the time to do the things that we love, whether it is write, to go for that run or even to watch our favourite programme (maybe not all day everyday though!) It is also reminded me that we are not alone in these hard times, and we should lean on our family and friends more often, because when you think there is nothing anyone can say or anything you can even do for someone else, often just being there is enough.

Although it is unrealistic to live everyday like it is your last for obvious reasons, such as being completely impulsive and quitting your job, it may not get you very far when you try to run away to the Caribbean with just £12.50 in your account…

Nonetheless, with it being Monday I am filled with good intentions, I have taken the first step back into seizing the day (if you will). So I cleaned out my wardrobe, de-cluttered my room, played some music and sat down by my laptop and wrote this post. Having now given myself a bit of time to reset, I could have easily kept this to myself, but as I discussed earlier, I wanted to make this blog more personal and 9 times out of 10, someone we know is going through something similar. Wishing you all a great week, maybe now is a good time to follow through on those resolutions you set at the beginning of 2017… You have 8 weeks to make a start on them!




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