BACK TO UNI: Weekend Away

I treated myself to a long weekend and made the most of every inch of it. I decided to go back to my second home- Canterbury. Having spent 3 years of my life here, it’s safe to say for many reasons I have an emotional attachment to it. When I first visited this quaint city I immediately fell in love with it. The cobbled streets, the marvellous Cathedral and the pubs tucked away in every nook and cranny reminded me of something from a storybook. No matter what stresses or challenges I experienced at University, I always found comfort in the city itself.

This weekend I stayed in the Best Western Abbots Barton Hotel, an old English manor house turned hotel, located only a ten minute walk away from the city centre. Despite being only a 3* hotel, the standard double room is a comfortable size, but could do with a slight renovation. Nonetheless, the style of the room keeps in line with the hotel grounds and I could not fault the service or the cleanliness of the hotel- two key aspects in my opinion in hospitality.  There was also a friendly gardener who told me and my boyfriend the history of the hotel whilst we were taking some snaps.

This would be the spooky part in a film where someone tells us there is no gardener and hasn’t been one in 50 years… (I am sure he was real though, at least I hope so…)



Arriving relatively late (about 8pm) on Thursday night me and my boyfriend met up with one of my oldest friends, and enjoyed a classic Nando’s together (oh so chic, I know). We drank and chatted at The Shakespeare, which you can find opposite the Cathedral but do not be fooled by it’s size as they also have a separate entrance for the restaurant. The cool atmosphere of the pub is perfect for wine lovers and ale drinkers. They often have evenings dedicated to wine tastings for all you enthusiasts.  They also tend to have live music, making this is a little gem of a find if you fancy a change to the chart music played in the larger chains. Overall the bar is very stylish and is a must for a visit to Canterbury. We also visited the Canterbury Tales (opposite the Marlowe Theatre) which is convenient for an interval drink if you’re seeing a show. We also had one drink at Seven Stars, a pub I surprisingly did not visit at Uni, but I imagine it would be a good stop for a pub crawl.

The next day I had brunch at the Refractory and did not hold back. The Refractory is a small cafe with brilliant service and has a very family friendly vibe to it. I am usually pretty stuck in my routine with breakfast and can have the same cereal for 6 months until I get bored. However when I have more time in the morning I try to make more of an effort. This weekend was the perfect opportunity to be more exciting with mybreakfast choices so I opted for Eggs royale followed by something sweet- buttermilk pancakes with banana and chocolate sauce. The rest of the day I walked off my sugar hangover around the shops and visited campus, whilst I reminisced about how hard it was to attend those 9am lectures ( little did I know what working life had in store for me!) Saturday late afternoon I went to Blackheath to watch the firework display and relived part of my childhood with star shaped sparklers! The firework display was free and lasted about 15-20 minutes and the crowd did not disappoint on their enthusiasm with echoes of oo’s, ah’s and wow’s! Come Sunday I was pretty wiped out so finished off my health filled weekend of Nando’s, beer, prosecco and pancakes with a McDonald’s vanilla milkshake.

Bon appetit mes amis! x

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