What’s on My Christmas List

Unless you are super organized and did your Christmas Shopping in July, (even for me that’s a step too early, and I love Christmas!) like me you’ve just started thinking about buying Christmas gifts. As you get older buying gifts become a little bit harder, especially in the age where it feels like some people just have everything! Well if you’re just a bit stuck on what to get a twenty something girl these are the top ten things on my list.

  1. Christmas PJ’s and fuzzy slippers: Is it even Christmas if you haven’t got them???
  2. Knitwear: Something warm to wrap up in such as a chunky knit, or a bobble hat will have you feeling Christmassy in no time, plus who doesn’t love a little wardrobe update?
  3. Jewellery: The saying “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” did not come out of nowhere! You can never have enough accessories and there are so many options, ranging from high street trends of statement earrings to Pandora beads, or if you’ve been a good girl maybe something more high end from Tiffany’s will appear in your stocking!
  4. Perfume: I count on Christmas and my birthday to get stocked up for the year ahead. My favourites include Vera Wang’s Princess, YSL Elle or Manifesto, Daisy by Marc Jacobs and Katy Perry’s Killer Queen.
  5. Make up bags, gift sets and wash sets: These sets are a great bargain and wonderful stocking filler.
  6. Music: I remember when iTune vouchers were standard gifts and long before this CD’s. Even though CD’s in some respect have gone out of fashion, I love to build my Christmas collection even if it just to listen to in my car! Maybe it’s the latest Sam Smith or Ed Sheeran album or Mr Christmas himself- Michael Bublé’s christmas album.
  7.  Games: A fun interactive family game is a winner. Whether it’s Monopoly, Operation, Twister, Jigsaw Puzzles or something more current like Cards Against Humanity or What Do You Meme? Fun will definitely be had!
  8. Time: And I don’t mean a watch! Doing an activity with someone and spending quality time with them is perhaps the best gift. Take a day out into London and look at the Christmas lights, share dinner together or get last minute Theatre Tickets at the box office!
  9. Photos: Pictures nowadays tend to stay on our phones or the lucky few make it onto our social media. However gifting someone a physical photo montage in a pretty frame is very thoughtful and will most likely be the most longstanding gift they will have.
  10.  Something Practical: Last but not least getting someone a gift that taps into their hobbies will go down very well. This doesn’t have to be expensive either. Maybe they are into their fitness- a Yoga mat or some new work out clothing would be great. Perhaps photography or music is a hobby of their’s- hit up Amazon and find some accessories such as lighting kits or mini amps to gift. Maybe they just love a good book- get a voucher for their Kindle or the hardback version if they like the physical copy.

What’s on your Christmas list? Happy December Everyone!

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