What’s Been Going On

The New Year is just a few days away and unfortunately this month I have blogged few and far between. I apologize to my past self who promised that future Natalia would make more time to blog and pay more attention to hobbies. December really has been hectic; there has been snow, birthday celebrations, weddings, challenges and most recently, Christmas.

However December has been a challenging month. Despite so much happiness, there has been an undertone of sadness with my grandmother being back in hospital; a common occurrence I am sure for many, but the sadness of a sick loved one seems to be emphasized during the Christmas period. I have never been a big fan of hospitals, having an aversion to even the smallest of things, such as blood tests and having my blood pressure taken seems to panic me. However in moments of crisis I am quite calm and collected. Luckily this demeanor has complimented my anxious daily hospital visits. The anxiety this time however, has stemmed from the unpredictable nature of my grandmother’s health on a day to day basis.  For those of you who do not know my grandmother, let me give you some context. My grandmother has always been a woman full of spirit, fight, stubbornness, loyalty and drama. At 86 years old, she has survived World War Two, 3 strokes and has been run over twice (where after she dusted herself off and shook her fists at the driver, exclaiming a profanity or two). My grandmother is resilient to say the least.


The difficulty I have been experiencing is seeing the once sprite grandparent become weaker and more frail, mixed with days of strength and vigor. She has continued to keep us on our toes and be ‘the exception to the rule’. December really has been an odd month and far from boring. Perhaps this month has been the most realistic of them all. By realistic I mean that the bubble that we live in consisting of working ‘the 9-5 job, watching your favourite series on Wednesday, catching up with friends on Friday, dinner with your boyfriend on Saturday’ kind of routine, has been popped.

As 2017 draws to a close I have been forced to adapt and realise life’s great lesson that it is impossible to plan and control everything. Life will continue to happen despite it being your birthday, your brother’s wedding or Christmas. Before I continue to ramble on, the optimist in me wants to finish this post on a positive note. Despite the stresses that I have been faced with, I advise others who may be going through similar experiences of stress, to share the burden with friends and family. The old saying “A problem shared is a problem halved” reigns true. Even if you don’t know the answers or cannot predict what is in store, make use of your support network. If all else fails, in most cases a cuppa can do wonders, even if its just for five minutes.

As I sit here at my laptop, (with my blood being 85% tea at this point) I am bursting with inspiration about topics to talk about, all of which will appear on ‘Natalia talks about’ as fast as my fingers let me type before the year is out.


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