Peggy Porschen Cakes

On my 23rd Birthday I had a day trip into London with my mum, I was determined to see all the Christmas lights and really make the most of my birthday. There was only one place I wanted to celebrate with a special piece of Birthday cake from. You may have seen it’s pink feminine beauty grace your Instagram, I certainly did.


What is this place you ask? It is of course, Peggy Porschen Cakes, based in Sloane Square, London. I had only seen photos of this cute girlish café during the day, so I feared that I wouldn’t be able to capture it’s so instagramable beauty at night time. However I was quite wrong; London at Christmas time is MAGICAL and the twinkly lights and Christmas deco at Peggy Porschen Cakes did not disappoint.

There was a large selection of stunning cakes and cupcakes

Peggy-Porschen4Who said pink flowers are for spring time only?

Peggy-Porschen5The interior decoration was just as beautiful as the outside of the café


The cafe is small and cosy, so if you want to get a seat inside you may have to queue. However there is seating all around the outside of the café with blankets readily available and there was really attentive customer service from the staff, so you won’t freeze to death before you get your hot chocolate. In fact I was so busy taking photos of the café that the waitress came about three times before I decided my order! I personally did not mind sitting outside, considering that it was mid December and so cold that my phone kept turning off. P.S. If you do decide to sit outside then do bring your good old wooly hat.

I went with my mum for some cake and we opted for two hot chocolates which were huge!  Definitely not what I was expecting in one of London’s most expensive boroughs.  My mum chose prosecco cake and I ordered rose and lemon cake I think it was! Although the cakes were pricier than you would get from your local supermarket, you were given a very generous portion which I regret I could not finish. The cakes were  also decorated so lovely that they looked too pretty to eat!


In a city as big as London, it is quite difficult to find unique cafes. However Peggy Porschen Cakes has achieved this and more. The café is a dream come true for those who have always wanted to have coffee and cake somewhere which looks as if is straight out of a Disney film or that could be next door to Barbie’s dream house. Overall, not only is the café aesthetically pleasing but I cannot fault the customer service, especially on a cold Winter’s day in London where the Christmas madness was rife.

Dear London, Thank You for continuing to surprise me with little treasures like Peggy Porschen.


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