Hi January, Nice to Meet You

Today it is 2nd January and another blog post is up. Honestly, I am quite proud of myself that I have managed to write a blog post consecutively the last 5 days. Although I am still very new at this blogging malarkey, I do appreciate the effort that goes into it all. It has definitely helped that I was lucky enough to have the last week off work for Christmas and I really needed it. Not only has the break allowed me to find more time to write, but it has helped me to recharge, find the willingness and wanting to write. Ultimately these last few days I have had a shift in my perspective. A change which I hope to put into practice throughout January and 2018. In my last few posts I touched upon how busy things have been even over the Christmas period; not great when this is combined with my tendency to procrastinate on the things I actually need and want to do. Like most, I always start the week with good intentions to be productive, but I am pretty much screwed come Friday when I am still stuck in the mindset of saying I will do that really important thing tomorrow.

I hope that this month my burst of motivation and drive continues. I am going to try stop making excuses as to why I didn’t complete my to-do list and adjust my priorities. (You will be the judge of that. I may be eating my words next month). Examples of said items on my to-do list over December & January have included:

  • Clean my car √
  • Do some form of exercise √
  • Catch up with an old friend √
  • Cook something new – still working on this one!
  • Sit down and write regularly √

So be prepared to see an influx of motivational quotes and posts on topics that are inspiring me (and maybe will inspire you too?) I am a very visual person and very psychological. By psychological I don’t mean that as a pun (I have a Psychology degree), instead I mean that if I tell myself I am feeling a bit under the weather, lo and behold I am playing my small violin wanting sympathy and hugs, as I sniffle into my mountain of tissues. However, this attitude can also have it’s benefits.  The power of the psyche also means I can be very driven. That being said, studies support that if you write down your goals, they are more likely to happen. If you envision and imagine your goals, the chances again increase of achieving them. Maybe that’s why I like sharing quotes so much. It makes me that little bit closer and hopeful of overcoming a challenge, learning a new hobby, reaching a new milestone etc. If you’re cringing just at the thought of this, then let this be a warning as to what January has in store for you.

Realistically, I know that this motivation will be challenged in the coming months, well let’s face it – days, when work is back in full swing and life goes back to 100mph. However 2 days in I am still feeling quite positive about 2018. “Still?!” I hear you say. Yes, still- the reason I say this is that it is so easy and common to lose this drive. However sometimes all we need is a gentle reminder that we can only achieve so much in 24 hours in the day. The trick is to be consistent and make the goal attainable. So the fact that I am still feeling positive day 2 of 2018, I am pretty pleased with.

Whether it is a task oriented goal (go to the gym more, stop eating so much sugar) or an aspirational goal (get a better job) you wish to achieve this year, if you are going to take away anything from today’s blog post, then let it be this: Start somewhere. I know I am trying to. Let’s see how it goes.


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