In 2016 I decided to build up the courage to dye my hair brown after years of being blonde. Now the brunette colour was lovely and rich (you can see what my hair looked like dark on my post BLONDE VS BRUNETTE: It’s only hair) but of course after a few months I was over it and dyed my hair back blonde… Then I had a great idea, being the poor student I was to use a box dye to make it blonder again. I would NOT recommended that as I was left with lighter brown hair and gingery roots. I guess I forgot about the colour wheel, that through brown to blonde you do have to have the ginger stage. Unfortunately I don’t have any really good photos to share with you of my hair at this stage.

Anyway, over the last year and a half I have tried to get my hair back to a more desirable blonde. Don’t get me wrong, my hair wasn’t awful, it could have been a lot worse.  However when I went to the hairdressers I was desperate to get my hair back to the blonde I desired. I had toner used after my highlights to get rid of much orange as possible and would use purple shampoo intermittently with colour protecting brands like Kerastasé to keep my hair in as good condition as possible.  However I was still dismayed by the orange tinge I could see in my hair. I expressed my *first world* problems to my hairdresser in May 2017 and she recommended I mix Olaplex in with the dye.


For those of you who don’t know, Olaplex is a product that rebuilds the broken bonds in our hair. It is used to prevent extra damage to the hair which occurs when any kind of dye is applied onto it. What’s more it can help you go a few shades lighter. Remember when Kim Kardashian went blonde the first time? There was a ton of Olaplex in that transformation.

Olaplex can be applied to the hair seperately after the dye has been put on, or be mixed with the dye (which my hairdresser said is cheaper, half the amount of time and mostly the same effect). Of course I opted for the cheaper option which would also mean I wouldn’t have to sit for so long in the chair, whilst my bum went numb. Those of you who have had a full head of highlights done can relate to this. The first time I tried Olaplex at the hairdressers I was really impressed by the results. Even after a few weeks I could still notice the difference. Previously when I brushed my hair I found that half of my head came out with the brush. With the olaplex treatment, my hair seemed stronger, looked more glossy and I achieved a brighter shade of blonde *fist pump in the air* I’m ready for my L’oréal Advert now*



Fast forward to November 2017, I hadn’t dyed my hair for 6 months.  My roots had grown out and I had a hairdresser’s appointment booked for December. Fortunately my hair didn’t fade too much in colour, but I did notice a build up of brassy blondes. I care a lot about the the state of my hair (as you can tell by the detail in this post) therefore I decided to try an at home Olaplex treatment for a month, once a week.

Following the instructions, on unwashed (and not dry shampooed hair!) I dampened my hair with water so that it was towel dry.  I massaged a generous amounts of Olaplex into my hair, which would cover the roots and lengths of my hair. Next using my tangle teezer, I brushed the Olaplex throughout my hair. My first reaction was complete shock at just how smoothly I could brush through my hair, without any semblance of a pull or a tug. It felt instantly nourishing and moisturising. Then I tied my hair up in a low bun and slept on it, with a towel over my pillow. The next morning I washed and dryed my hair as usual (My 5 Step Styling Routine can be found here). When I finished styling my hair I kid you not, it felt luscious. The colour did not change, but it felt healthier and glossier. Just as it had done the first time I used Olaplex in the salon. Not sure if you can see the progess but I documented what my hair looked like after using the treatment over a few weeks.


My hair before I used Olaplex. Brassy ends and my hair felt dry.


Week 1: My hair after using Olaplex. It felt very smooth and I couldn’t stop running my fingers through my hair.


Week 2: Having used Olaplex twice, I could feel that in comparison to before my hair was stronger.


Week 3: It can’t be just me that sees my hair looked healthier and glossier?

Week 4: It was time for my hairdressers appointment. I decided to go for a more natural look, keeping my darker roots with the aim of finally eliminating those unwanted orangey tones. I informed my hairdresser that I had been using Olaplex at home and that I was determined toget rid of all leftover box blonde dye. My hairdresser was naturally hesitant, worried that the stronger bleach would weaken my hair and I should do it more gradually. It’s fine, George Michael and I had faith (lol, I was actually a bit worried, as in the past I have over processed my hair with bleach, weakening my hair severely). However, I had learned from my mistakes and had a more regular daily caring hair routine. I no longer overdo the heat on my hair and I was certain that I would treat this new do as if it was the holy grail.

Below is the outcome of my trip to the hairdressers, and I couldn’t be happier. (Excuse the cheeky smile shot- I tried to subtly take it in one of the shops in town afterwards).

Feeling glamorous and very happy, it was sod’s law that I was then caught in a torrential downpour. This meant that I didn’t get to capture a photo of my hair at the back (click here to see sad outcome just three hours later, on my Instagram page).

I would highly recommend the Olaplex at home treatment. The bottle will last you a while, as you only need to use a small amount once a week. If you don’t believe me, then believe hair guru and hairdresser to the stars Jen Atkin. If she swears by it, then it must be good.

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