Eagle Eyes

After professing how I was going to re-evaluate my priorities and dedicate more time to blogging, I nearly caught myself out… and it’s still the first week of January! This week I had an awful night where I had only about 30 minutes of solid sleep. Those of you who don’t know me, I LOVE MY SLEEP. I love my sleep so much that even on the weekend I will voluntarily go to sleep before midnight. That’s not to say that when I have time off from work I am not more relaxed about my sleeping routine. I just tend to get up earlier and find that I am quite productive in the morning. But when working, I try to be asleep by 11pm during the week. So imagine my surprise (I was pretty annoyed) to be clock watching; 3:30am, 4:27, 4:53, 5:30, 5:50, 6:20, 6:45… Not ideal when I usually am up around 6:30 Monday to Friday. My first thought was, I can’t wait to go back to bed when I get home. Today I really don’t want to do anything. Ambitious right? Amazing what one night of sleep deprivation can do. Where are those quotes now I hear you ask?

Well, whilst I was on my lunch break, I decided to watch some videos on YouTube by Sam Brown, a blogger and Youtuber whose page and channel is titled ‘Smart twenties’. She’s a 26 year old woman from Australia who in the last year and a half has decided to go after what she wants in life. I actually stumbled upon Sam on Instagram and I reposted one of her images on my page:

“Let 2018 be the year you get out of your own way”

There’s the quote I know you were waiting for.

Sam’s positive attitude and ambition is just what I needed to remind me that you it’s not enough to just say and want to to achieve your goals. Being consistent means finding the willpower even when you don’t want to do something. For example, this year you may have said that you want to be healthier and exercise more. Then make the effort to go to the gym even when it’s raining and you’ve had a rubbish day at work. In my case it’s wanting to blog more, even when I am tired and am somehow functioning little sleep.

Let’s get blogging

I know I can always catch up on sleep, but I can’t get back the days I wasted due to laziness. This may be one small hurdle, but I am happy that I am trying to work on being consistent and developing new habits.

It’s so easy to make throwaway statements and blasé resolutions, and its a theme I have been discussing a lot this week. Did you read my post “Hi January, It’s Nice to Meet You”? You should if you’re on the same bandwagon as I am of being inspired and trying to make 2018 your year, without waiting around for your big epiphany to occur. In my post I spoke about how I am quite a psychological person, and what gets more psychological than symbolism in dreams. During my night of broken sleep, I was having what I like to call ‘mini dreams’, it’s something that occurs in between cycles of light and deep sleep during REM sleep (rapid eye movement).

One of the dreams I had consisted of me standing in a field and there were hundreds of red eagles in the air flying and staring at me. It turns out that dreaming about birds symbolizes your goals and that eagles are signs of courage and a desire to grow. Flying birds are symbols of joy, harmony and psychological liberation and flying eagles denote that good fortune will be coming your way. However I felt fearful looking at the birds, which means you need to try to push through your limitations. You may need to read over that again. I know I did. It’s pretty cool that I conjured up in my head, an artsy symbolic dream which summed up the theme of my blogs this week unconsciously; all which lasted probably 10 seconds. Even after studying Psychology for 3 years, I am still amazed by the subconscious. I guess I best work on what I said I would. After a good night’s sleep that is.


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