Turning 23!

I celebrated my birthday back in the Christmassy month of December where I turned 23. Now, nearly a month later I’ve decided to actually write about what I did! I will try to keep it short and sweet with the highlights of the day, perhaps it will give you some inspiration for a day out! I decided to hit the big old city of London after a quick bite to eat of lunch at home, then I began the afternoon with some birthday cocktails at All Bar One with my mum and boyfriend.

Next I went to Kensington Palace to check out the Princess Diana exhibition. This was a beautiful commemoration to Diana and and the clothes were presented as if they were floating silhouettes.

I also walked around the palace and the beautiful grounds, visiting the Sunken Garden where Prince Harry and Megan Markle had their engagement press conference.

Then I went for a stroll around Notting hill and caught the tube to Sloane Square.

Come on, I know it’s not just me who spots their dream doors in Notting Hill and poses with them!

At Sloane Sqaurem we walked about ten minutes and went to Peggy Porschen Cakes. Here I indulged in some birthday cake with my mum. You can read all about my review of this sweet pink café here.

After this I popped into some of London’s biggest names in the retail world to check out their Christmas lights! In Selfridge’s I was also treated to a glass of champagne by my mum and a complementary dessert for my birthday from Selfridge’s!

We then walked to Harrods, Harvey Nichols and Liberty London -which unfortunately closed by the time we got there!)

We took a stroll through Caranaby Street, stumbling on it by chance; It was great I felt like such a tourist!

Then nearing 10pm and the weather dropping further we decided to finally get some dinner. We picked Carluccio’s, a delicous Italian restaurant chain (Italian is my favourite). To my surprise I saw an old friend who worked there, she treated us to complementary breads and olives and a glass of prosecco each for my birthday. According to fitbit we walked 30,000 steps so I loaded up on pasta, wine and bread- if you don’t do it on your birthday or during Christmas when can you?

The whole day was so much fun and I never knew I could see so much of the City in one day!

Happy Saturday everyone!

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