Rendezvous and Relaxation Products

Hey there! Happy Monday! Failing that, hey it’s nearly Tuesday! Technically that means only 3 more evenings until Friday and you can let your hair down. Whatever gets you through the week! I’ve said it before and I will say it again, I really think it’s important to  have little reflections and check ups with myself on how my last week has been. There is something so cathartic about writing about your week, whether it was good or bad. Saying that I am drawn to the “Life updates” blog posts or YouTube vidoes all about what someone who I don’t even know did this last week. Where did she get that top from? Where did she eat that to die for burger? What clothes did they wear to the gym? Is it really nosiness if  we allow others to see a glimpse into our lives? Perhaps its that innate nosiness that makes us so interested in the first place. Whatever it is, feel free to feel as nosy or interested in this blog post, as we have a rendezvous about what I got up to last week, as well as some relaxation products to help you sleep.

The week overall was quite normal. I say normal in that everyone appears to be coming down with a cold or a flu of some kind. Being sick isn’t my go to normal, but on an average of people I know, it is definitely very normal this month of January to have a bug! This threw a spanner in the works as last week I professed I wanted to add exercise into my routine. One that I was planning to start on Tuesday- oh little did I know that fever, chills, back ache and a delightful stomach bug would throw me out for the week. I’m a pretty bad sleeper in that I’ve been told I slept bare minimum as a baby and tot, not sleeping my first full night until I was 5 when I had my first day of school. Poor Mama! I also have occasionally Sunday Insomnia; not being able to sleep and counting down the hours until I have to be up for work. I am not the best at staying in new places, such as at a friend’s for the first time, or being unable to nod off in the car or have a midday power naps. I also am not a nap during any time of the day kind of person! I find it extremely hard. Other than that, I find that when I can, I do have a good regular sleep routine as long as I’m asleep by midnight. If I do that, I can usually fall asleep as soon as my head touches the pillow. It’s really not as bad as it sounds, I promise! However, last week I managed to sleep so much in the daytime and in the night. My body well and truly needed sleep and I couldn’t function otherwise, that’s how I know that I was definitely not 100%.

I’m kicking myself now I completely forgot about this amazing set of products I have by Sanctuary Spa all to promote restful sleeping. The products that I shall definitely be using on Sunday night’s from now on are all by Sanctuary. The products include: Soothing Bath Float, Smoothing Silk Scrub, 4 in 1 Restoring Body Elixir and Comforting Night Butter. These are all so gentle on your skin, smell fabulous with the aim of reducing tension and stress. Ingredients in the Soothing Bath Float include Ylang Ylang, to reduce tension and stress, Frankincense for clarity and calm and Patchouli, to help reduce anxiety.  Having used these products several times in the past, I can confirm that it feels great not only for your body, but for your mind too, instantly creating a calming and soothing atmosphere. You can use all of these products as part of your bath routine where you light a candle and unwind. The Body Elixir Oil can be massaged in your hair as well as on your body, so you can have a total body treatment. Spa Night Sunday’s may just become a thing people!

Anyway, once I started to regain some strength and an appetite on the weekend, I had a Grey’s Anatomy marathon, went to Wildwood on the weekend to soothe my soul with Italian goodness and saw The Greatest Showman in the cinema, which I really enjoyed! If you don’t enjoy musicals, just stop reading this post now, or maybe I can convert you?

I love musicals, the pitch perfect singing and perfectly choreographed dancing can transport you to somewhere new, where in the space of 1 hour 30, you will feel all the feels! The Greatest Showman is about the birth of show business and P.T Barnum’s journey in creating a circus. Hugh Jackman stars as Barnum, Michelle Williams as his wife, Zac Efron as his junior business partner and Zendaya as a trapeze artisit; it is a star studded cast and filled with so much talent. They all dance like their lives depend on it, and the songs will have you wanting to jump to your feet and spin around in the cinema too. Think of Moulin Rouge, Beauty and The Beast mixed with a dazzle of some Great Gatsby wonder and the film is born. Okay you can definitely tell that the animals in the circus are CGI, but what I enjoyed the most was how the film made me feel. I felt so inspired and had that go-get it attitude, where I will go build my circus and be proud, not letting anyone get in the way! If you know what I mean? (The flash mob in Covent Garden singing songs from The Greatest Showman definitely do, check out ‘ Covent Garden Comes Alive’ The Greatest Showman, on Youtube if you don’t believe me!)

I hadn’t read any reviews about the film or seen much about it, so maybe that is why I enjoyed it so much. Unlike LA LA Land, I had such HIGH expectations that the film fell a bit short in my eyes. Hold onto your horses though, I have since re-watched it and thoroughly enjoyed it and can see what the hype is about! If you’re a bit of a dreamer like me, love the theatre or arts and are looking for something lighthearted to take you away from your usual Ed Sheeran or chart music , then listen to the soundtrack to The Greatest Showman, or even go see the film. I for one have started my Monday with the soundtrack on repeat. Have I convinced you? I can say at the very least it is definitely is a better feeling than the nausea and fatigue of a stomach bug!

Have a good week everyone!

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