Why I Started My Blog

Back in 2016 I was newly graduated, looking for work and very unsure what I wanted to do with my life. I felt pressured that I had to know what I wanted to become career wise, and that I had to begin my path to get there already. There were of course so many interests I had and still have, ones I felt however, were unattainable. I thought that I didn’t have the right experience- how do you get a job as a graduate where a prerequisite is already having a minimum of 1-2 years work experience within a certain sector,if no one will give it to you? Some jobs I didn’t even have the correct degree to be able to apply to the role in the first place. I also found that I didn’t live near enough to certain companies that interested me, as it would be unlikely that I could afford the commute daily, or it would be too far to travel whilst on a low wage all for the sake of experience.

All of these limitations were accompanied by pressures of applying for jobs that would ultimately lead to me my ‘dream job’. Instead I decided to do some temp work as a Team Administrator for an office, whilst I applied and was successful in finding and being offered the correct job for me. This job had it’s highs and lows. Lows included I had to make about 500 cups a tea a day, spend hours photocopying or typing up notes, organize so much paper work in filing cabinets and go to get the lunches for my bosses. Errands that I felt were not utilizing my degree. However highs included that I got some experience working daily in the HR department (which I was very interested in) and also in the marketing department, with simple tasks including updating the company website and writing pieces on what local charities the organization was supporting. Now, you may be thinking how does this relate to why I started my blog? I’m getting there I promise.

Whilst contemplating my dream job I took out all of the aforementioned limitations, and spoke at length with my boyfriend, family and closest friends about what their dream jobs would be if these hurdles did not exist. I saw eyes widen and filled with passion, smiles spread across their faces as they ‘dreamed’ of what their lives could be. I thought to myself, like many people, “Why don’t we aspire to make these dreams a reality more often? Why do we shrug them off as unattainable? Am I naive or even stupid for thinking that these could be possible?” I thought about the people I admire most and those that inspire me, which areas catch my attention the most. All of these thoughts and feelings are why I started this blog.

I really enjoyed the writing aspect of my temp role, and any chance in my life where I could be creative and come up with new ideas I would take, (of course I studied Drama at school if you didn’t guess). My ‘dream job’ would consist of elements where I could write, combined with meeting new people. Maybe one day I could work for a magazine discussing and reviewing latest trends, swapping my tips and thoughts as I engage with others of so many different perspectives. This led me into thinking how much I enjoy watching talk shows and am engrossed in watching interviews- maybe one day I could even potentially be a television presenter…? The dreams got bigger, wilder and more colourful. Then I was struck by reality. I was only 21, still living at home, with limited work experience, ones that certainly would not get me there any time soon.

My boyfriend had suggested to me many times to maybe start a blog. It would fulfill my creative need and would be a great starting point. It was a thought that I came back to many times. Blogging opens up a great community of like-minded individuals, all giving their two cents on what’s inspired them and may even be an expert in their field. However at this point in 2016 I was overcome with worry and fear of no one reading my blog, people criticizing or judging me because of it, so I put it off. I was still working on getting a good job in HR, a sector where my Psychology degree would be useful, where I could apply modules I had studied like ‘Business Psychology’ to good use. It would give me the opportunity to work with people and deal with real life challenges daily. It would have enough variation to keep me interested whilst utilizing my analytical skills.  However the longer I worked as a temporary office assistant, the more the ‘dream’ seed grew. I continued to read many blogger’s posts, following them on social media and admiring their hard work and being impressed of their drive of often blogging whilst still working at their full-time jobs.

A light bulb switched on and I began my blog in February 2017. However I regret to say that I didn’t come back to it until much later in the year as I was scared and felt stupid trying to start something I knew nothing about. I felt it would be more sensible to be focused on getting a job in HR at this point. I was offered a few other roles and internships in HR along the way but none of them felt right, either the location wasn’t ideal or the pay was too low. I carried on doing some admin work in the meantime and finally I was offered a job I was very happy with as an HR Administrator in June 2017, HOORAY!

As I settled into my new routine, the creative itch returned and I decided to go back to my blog in the Summer. I took some pressure off myself and realized it was silly to be scared of something before doing it. I saw how so many bloggers who are of similar backgrounds to I, or live near me have focused their energy on creating a blog, and it paid off. Over the last five months specifically, this blog space has filled with me so much inspiration and is often the highlight of my working day. It is something that intrinsically motivates me. I am so happy that I have the opportunity to focus on topics that really interest me and hopefully you! I have engaged with new bloggers and have been complimented on my style of writing and on my Instagram feed. This has motivated me further to continue with my blog, improve my writing, learn more about connecting with others and hopefully also improve my eye for photography.

However when you are just starting out on a blog, I think some people give up when they don’t suddenly have thousands of people reading their page. You need to be self-motivated and enjoy the writing for writing’s sake to really continue with it. It’s amazing that some bloggers get paid for their work, but for me as a newbie blogger I can honestly say that it is the act of writing itself and putting a piece together that’s all my own, is enough to keep me motivated and bring me happiness. I have found my own little space where I can have an extension of myself, and it’s just a brilliant bonus that it can get discovered and appreciated by others. So thank you!

Although I am currently not at my ‘dream job’ I am one step nearer in closing the gap of where I am and figuring out where I think I would want to be. Who knows, maybe along this little blogging journey I will find something unexpected. Either way, I’m really happy I have found a hobby that I want to pursue as much as I can, and one that I want to continue to learn about and improve in. If any of you want to start a blog about cooking, travel, fashion or have one with a mish-mash of topics like me, I would highly recommend it! You may just discover something new about yourself, meet some cool people along the way or at the very least have the chance to read some blog posts which will inspire you or answer the questions you had about a product, tips on where to go in Italy or how someone is getting along with a new hobby they have found, just like this post. In a nutshell that is why I began my blog and I am very happy that I plucked up the courage to share with you all what I, Natalia, am talking about. Thanks for having a read!

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