My Travel Bucket-List

Summer season is about 4 and a half months away. I say ‘summer season’ as summer in the U.K. is not really a thing as it has been known to rain throughout most of July, so I refer mostly to the time of year, rather than the weather. This only heightens the angst for those warm sunshine filled days and has us browsing photos of our younger, more tanned, carefree and cocktail filled selves. This also causes the tendency to start shopping for new swimwear… Not premature whatsoever!

It also has us dreaming and browsing flights as we make future “one day” plans for trips, like this dreamy Parisian view. So to get you and me through the dreary January weather I’ve rounded up 20 places on my Travel bucket list to see in my 20’s.

1. Amsterdam

2. Australia

3. Austria

4. The Bahamas

5. California (as much of it as I can!)

6. Canada

7. Chicago

8. Croatia

9. Cuba

10. Hawaii

11. Iceland

12. Indonesia

13. Jamaica

14. New York

15. New Zealand

16. Paris

17. Seattle

18. Scotland

19. Switzerland

20. Venice

Let’s see if I can do it all; this is one challenge that I shall happily accept! What places are on your bucket-list and recommend that I add to my list? Let me know!

Happy Friday all!

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