Glow In Your Life

It’s the last Monday of January as I write this post and boy, hasn’t this month flown past! Overall the first month of 2018 has been productive, positive and it’s going at a momentum that I’m excited to be rolling at throughout the year ( I just need to avoid getting any viruses!)

Yesterday I saw Summer Friday’s, a beauty and skin care business co-founded by blogger and Youtuber Marianna Hewitt, post a photo on Instagram all about which areas of life bring light and happiness to our lives; which elements make us glow (and I’m not talking just about J-Lo glowing skin, but that’s good too!) I think so many people search for happiness and say they will be happy once they reach a certain goal, (that won’t last long by the way). Feeling genuinely content I believe is made up by the little things, which form our routine and ultimately our outlook and behaviour. It is these factors which make us glow, factors which will undoubtedly change as we go through different stages in our lives.

This got me thinking, what behaviours or hobbies make me feel refreshed, motivated and relaxed at this point in my life. What are the big and small things that get the most out of me and leave me feeling driven and ambitious?

My elements of glow are:

– Fresh air everyday

– More exercise

– Hair mask

– Taking time to check in with myself and give me what I need without having to justify it to anyone

– Tidy environment (clothes, bedroom, desk)

– Making time for friends

– 8 hours sleep

– Blogging

– Reading more (books that actually interest me, not what I think I should be reading)

– People who inspire me and make me want to be better (whether that’s an an actor, writer, friend, my boyfriend or family)

– Seeing progress

– Trying new fashion clothing (even if they don’t suit me! It’s fun to try them on in the changing rooms and having a giggle)

– Having a bit of glam up me-time (c’mon everyone likes up a glow up! Even if that’s just washing your hair or putting on your make-up)

– A balance between living for the now and planning for the future

– Laughter

– Feeling confident in myself, dreaming big and thinking positively for the future

I have a combination of things that make me feel good physically, mentally as well as indulging in the materialist pleasures here and there in my list. However I feel that it’s definitely the ‘behaviour’ factors that make me feel inspired for the future, that get the best out of me and I would vote as the highest quality ‘glow elements’. I think it’s actually really important to draw out one of these lists, it helps to re-establish your direction and you have some good ideas for stress relieves!

What’s on your list as we draw to the end of January?

Happy Monday!

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