Struggles in Your 20’s

Hey everyone! I’ve had a few days off from blogging since blogging daily in January but I couldn’t stay away for too long. Over the last few days I’ve been taking some time to recharge, giving myself the opportunity to have a bit more sleep, prioritise a bit of exercise, beginning a spring clean, catching up on some shows and I also went to a concert! I’ve also been thinking about how a lot of people talk about the “good old days” and that made me realise that it’s predominantly your 20’s that this spans over. Am I living up to these expectations and what are the struggles that we try to overcome in order to make the most of your 20’s?

First and foremost money has a huge part in a lot of plans. Gone are the days where our parents could have a good night out on £10 (that’s the cost of a taxi or club entry or even a drink in some places!). On the other end of spectrum, rent and house prices have increased without house prices being proportionally equal to salary payments, let’s say to some 30 years ago. This means that it’s almost impossible to save a decent amount of money especially if living in a big city like London. Another struggle includes finally getting a decent job then feeling like you’re inadequate because you’re the youngest person there. You may also experience some Carrie Bradshaw feels when it comes to getting your pay cheque and seeing how quickly it can disappear.

Being a grown up and trying to save sure is fun!

So how does someone in their 20’s manage to “have the time of their life?” How do the kids do it, going on their years trip to Australia or New Zealand? Pretty please can my parents carry on supporting me forever and pay for a fabulous trip of a lifetime?! Sadly not, but I can carry on living at home to help me save money. Some of you may decide to stay in a horrific job that pays well to sponsor your travels. Travelling may also mean that you have to gather up the courage to quit a job that you love and has taken you so long to secure as a graduate, in order to use these savings to go away with no certainty that you will have a job to come back to.

I suppose it’s compromise and risk that need to be factored into ‘having it all’ to be dealing with these struggles for the first time as an ‘adult’. I for one am planning my once in a lifetime trips for this Summer and am sacrificing expensive meals out for future costs of accommodation and car rentals, as well as a potential permanent job! Yet I guess staying in on a cold Winter’s night isn’t so bad when you remember that soon enough you will be away living your dream, and financial security of a job won’t be too much of a worry when I’m walking along beaches and exploring new Cities (especially when I have the luxury of a family home to return too). It’s good to remember also that there will always be job opportunities somewhere and with a bit of experience behind you (travelling include) it may just make you more employable and help you figure out what you want.

Speaking of travelling, it also seems that everyone nowadays has perfect abs and toned legs that were made for the beach. How do these people my age look like real life Baywatch models??? Don’t they get tempted by pizza and wine and Netflix? I guess again it’s compromise; do you want an extra hour in bed or would you want to fit in a 40 minute workout before work? I suppose these perfect beach bodies have always been the case across the world, just social media has now given more of a platform for this ideal than before. I’m still choosing to sleep in as long as possible though and do what I can on the side.

I’ve decided that whilst I’m trying to figure out how to get a good job without burning out and avoiding having regrets of not exploring the world or doing anything on my bucket list, I’m going to take a leaf out of Nike’s book and “Just Do It”.

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