Valentine’s Day Is On The Horizon

It’s Valentine’s Day next week didn’t you know. Are you a lover or hater or it? Do you get out your red lipstick and love heart shirts? Or are you planning an annual hate meal with your gals? Do you cringe at the thought of people soon to be posting engagements and ring shots or have you been planning your outfit since February 1st?! I personally like to do something low key and don’t like the whole over board, extravagance, commercialised aspect to it. Nonetheless, I do like to get into the spirit of things. After all it’s an excuse to paint your nails, show a bit of love and get to watch a bad romcom or a heart wrenching romance! Here I have compiled everything you need to know for Valentine’s Day whether you’re single, in a couple, celebrating with loved ones or just want to make next Wednesday just a slightly more special Wednesday.

Ideas on What To Do

  • Cinema (if you’re cheap, it’s 2 4 1)
  • Theatre (if you’re fancy)
  • Candles- so simple and creates a lovely romantic atmosphere. Check out Primark and Homesense for some sweet deals.
  • Comedy night- laughter is a way into my heart anyway.
  • Dinner out or Takeaway – food is the way into a man’s heart!
  • Live Music – I don’t do this enough! I loved going to live music when I was at uni once a week, but with working full time it can be an effort. Make the most of your Valentine’s Day and go catch some live music.
  • Ice skating- a good early stage dating idea
  • Night in watching romantic films: The Notebook, Dirty Dancing, Valentine’s Day, How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days, Titanic, Bridget Jones Diary, The Proposal, A Walk To Remember
  • Rooftop drinks in London; did someone say R-O-M-A-N-C-E?
  • Champagne, flowers and chocolate (treat your man also with this, it will go down well!)
  • Love note or letter. Go beyond the normal card and write from the heart; you will be allowed to be cheesy and cringey!
  • Bake something, nothing says love like some cookies or red velvet cake

Style those locks

Pay a bit more attention to your hair. Straighten it, curl it, accessorise it, use a hair mask. Give your hair a bit of TLC and even if you don’t have a date, make a bit of an effort and love yourself! Go one up than you usually do during the week.


If it’s just a regular day at work throw on a red shirt or a pink top, or even heart socks if you’re being lazy. Give Valentine’s Day the recognition it deserves. If you have a hot date then put on your Freakum dress! If you’re having a Galentine’s night in then get your tracksuit bottoms and oversized jumper and order some Chinese. Either way most websites will be having discounts codes being advertised left, right and centre, so the Universe wants you to buy something new and fancy!


Red nails is a must. Simple. When it comes to your foundation base, get your glow on! Simple and quick, use an illuminating primer under your foundation . Curl those lashes and add some blusher, go for a flirty, girly romantic look. Most appropriate for February 14th don’t you think?

As commercialised as Valentine’s Day is, the whole idea behind why it’s celebrated in the first place is actually quite sweet. Saint Valentine helped to marry soldiers who were forbidden to do so; as a result he was imprisoned. Going forward some years to Geoffrey Chaucer courtly love and Valentine’s Day were poignant themes. The romantic atmosphere continued throughout the 18th century were lovers took the stage, fast forward to now and love is everywhere. In songs, movies, everyone has their own little love story.

At the very least you can’t complain, it’s gonna be a sugar filled week with Valentine’s Day following Shrove Tuesday. Pass me the cake!

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