How To Be An Overnight Success

This has to be the best kept secret in the industry. We all want to know how we can become successful in the most glamorous and simple way possible. If only it was that easy. Maria Hatzistefanis shares with her readers just how to make this possible. Keep reading on if you want to see a snapshot of what Founder and CEO of two highly successful make-up brands, Rodial and Nip and Fab’s, best tips are.


The tag line of the book is “Making It In Business” and one thing that Maria emphasises throughout is consistency. Unfortunately there isn’t such a thing as an overnight success, and good things never come easy. Being consistent, hardworking, innovative and overcome challenges is one big factor in achieving success. As simple as it sounds, being your own biggest cheerleader and taking responsibility when it all goes wrong, not just reaping all the rewards is the skill that needs constant attention. Especially when starting out in business you need to be the guy behind the scenes, the problem solver, the frontman, the editor you name it!


Why are you looking for a new job? Maria has a checklist to help you figure out how you know you need to make a change. It gives you the very real reality check that you need to ask yourself if are you happy, proud and enjoy the job you are in.

“Love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life.”

Who inspires you? I’ve been saving quotes or photos that inspire me, like the above. Sometimes it’s just the thought you need to give you the get up and go.

Find what works for you- when are you most productive? What environment do you thrive in? Can you motivate yourself to work if you aren’t surrounded by people. Get out of your comfort zone and face your fears. The book is a good motivator for any newbie entrepreneurs or hopeful self-employed starters. It’s especially great to remind you that sometimes getting fired can be the best thing that happened to you (in hindsight).


There are lots of really helpful tips on how to create a buzz about your brand from the importance of social media, setting up events and choosing the right venue to knowing what influencers and faces for the brand you want to represent it. As well as this there are some funny and insightful stories of Maria’s own experiences, reminding you that we are all only human and we can achieve success.


Knowing your look and your style is key, and you really don’t need a stylist to the stars to achieve it. One thing I did pretty much as soon as I finished the book, was to go through my wardrobe. I sorted out pieces that I hadn’t worn in years, old fashion trends that had seen better days and clothes that simply didn’t reflect me anymore. Old shoes which I hadn’t worn in who knows how long but were still in good condition, I donated to the charity shop. Just as fashion changes so do our own styles and tastes. Don’t feel sad about saying goodbye to the sentimental items- after-all, this means, more space for new clothes! Keep your style original whilst but remember it’s still fine to be inspired by others. Remember when Kylie Jenner had blue, green and highlighter hair? Although her style has since evolved, she knew at the time what she wanted to put out with her style. You may not be seeing me with her exact hairstyles but I may be inspired by her nail colours or make-up looks with a twist of Natalia on it.

If you want to learn more about her journey and best tips then definitely get her book. It will leave you feeling inspired and motivated to begin your brand, persevere as an entrepreneur and above all, tobelieve in yourself.

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