Honey, Are We There Yet?(Waiting for Spring)

I am so over Winter. The frosty mornings were great to start with especially when there was some sun shining it was just delightful. I was so excited earlier this month for it to get warmer, but it’s almost March and this week is meant to be the coldest week yet. It’s been snowing on and off all day and it’s just far too cold for my liking this time of year! As much as I love the idea of living one day in Canada or learning how to ski, it’s days like these that make me think maybe I shall stick to daydreaming of places where I won’t need to invest in hats and scarves. Saying that, it’s quite funny that most of my wardrobe is Summer orientated, considering that it’s basically cold here in England 8 months a year before it’s light jacket weather!

However as much as I can’t wait for the Summer time weather, here’s a roundup of the good things about this time of year, that we should really make the most of before it’s gone.

  • Layer up

Wrap up in layers… what Summer body? You can hide a multitude of sins underneath baggy jumpers and thick knitwear. Also you don’t have to worry about the kind of weather where you don’t know if you need a jacket or not. You still definitely do.

  • Get Fitter and Healthier

You still have time to get that body if that’s what you want. In my experience though, working out is so much more motivating when you have a bigger goal in mind- does it help you reset? Unwind? Blow off some steam? Give you a chance to be social by catching an exercise class with a friend? Give you some me time? Have something bigger in mind than just losing some weight.

  • Cook

Make the most of eating and cooking hearty foods. Shepherd’s Pie, Chilli Con Carne, warm soups, hot chocolate – indulge now whilst it’s still acceptable! Easter is coming up after all, give into the sugar indulgence one last time before Christmas comes back around.

  • Couch Potato

Have yourself a movie marathon or box set duvet day, it’s only acceptable when its grey and cold outside!

  • Count those pennies

Following on from the above, days like this makes it so much easier to save money! Which we can then spend on a new Summer wardrobe and exciting trips for the Summer!

  • Snow day

The cold weather (like this week in the U.K.) means potential snow days, because our country cannot cope with ice and a bit of snow!

  • Fireplace

Light up the fire and cosy up with a glass of red and a blanket.

  • Dark nail varnish

Make the most of Winter fashion before your nails sport reds, corals and pinks!

  • Resolutions

Remember those New Years Resolutions you made? What’s that? A snigger? Go back to those hopeful ideal promises you made to yourself 2 months ago. One good thing about it still being Winter is that it’s still not too late to give those Resolutions a go!

  • Daylight is coming

It’s the shortest month of the year and the days will be getting longer and soon enough it will be warmer and we will have daylight for longer!

Maybe this is a slight cheat of a point, but I truly can’t wait to put away the fluffy coats and jumpers for another year. Also this means that we are closer to when Game of Thrones returns to our screens!

What other things should we make the most of before Winter disappears? Stay warm everyone!

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