How To Be Productive

Twenty-Two days into January and it seems many of us are still going full speed ahead; congratulations if you are one of them! Perhaps you are going through the motions of finishing off those assignments before exam season. Maybe you are finishing off projects and closing work deals, as we move into the final financial [...]

Eagle Eyes

After professing how I was going to re-evaluate my priorities and dedicate more time to blogging, I nearly caught myself out... and it's still the first week of January! This week I had an awful night where I had only about 30 minutes of solid sleep. Those of you who don't know me, I LOVE [...]

New Years Resolutions

Monday 1st January 2018. What a brilliant day to start the year on. It really appeals to the organized side of me. Especially a clean and fresh diary. Do you know what is the perfect way to start the New Year? No, I'm not suggesting a gym membership that you will only use most of [...]